May 2, 2017 Ashley Brown

How Working Only 4 Days a Week Has Transformed My Business

“She designed
a life she loved”

– Unknown

Four-day work week!?

I know, you must be thinking I’m crazy, lazy or maybe a mixture of both. With nearly 67% of American women working more than 40 hours in a week, we are programmed to believe that working overtime means we will crush our career goals and find happiness.

But what if working less is the REAL key to success?

Since I decided to shorten my week, I have had more to time to focus on things that matter to me like dancing and being a mom. And guess what? My business hasn’t imploded. In fact, it is doing better than ever, productivity has increased, and my staff turnover rate is virtually zero.

And I’m not the only one reaping the benefits by adopting this approach to work schedules. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider an early start to your weekend:

What if working less is the REAL key to success?

Retain Your Talented Female Employees

For women who want to start families, we are sometimes forced to choose between our responsibilities as a parent and our careers. As a way to retain working mothers in the workforce, many organizations have implemented remote working opportunities and the four-day week.

At She Implements, we are no different. I believe strongly in helping women meet their career goals – with baby in tow. I have used the 32 hour week to retain my talented group of working mothers by offering them a balance between work and play that they cannot find at other companies.


Decrease Your Staff Turnover Rate

But the four-day week doesn’t just reduce the turnover rate for working mothers. Companies like Steelhouse introduced a 3-day weekend every month and only five employees out of 250 have quit.

With a four-day workweek, mothers and people with other obligations can maintain their work schedule without needing to take leave or work inconvenient hours. But most importantly, it sends a message that life exists outside of work and you care about that balance.


Less Time to Work = Less Time to Waste

Human beings only have the capacity to concentrate on a task for a limited amount of time and once that limit has been reached – cat videos take up the rest of our day.

I would be lying if I said this slump of productivity hasn’t affected me since entering the workforce and then running my own business. But I’ve managed to solve that problem by working less.


The four-work week hasn’t just boosted my productivity, but it has had a ripple effect throughout my business.


Because it lights a fire underneath us. Knowing that we only have four days to get five days of work done, we stay in our zone longer and there is less time to waste.

Ryan Carson, CEO of the Treehouse saw an increase in productivity and happiness when he implemented the 32-hour work week back in 2006. The same productivity increase happened at Reusser Design. Nate Reusser said in an interview with CNN that the policy motivates people to work harder and his employees hustle to get their projects completed before the weekend.

And those are just some of the companies benefiting from a productivity increase. Imagine what you could achieve if your work week has one day shorter?


More Personal Time Means a Happier Work Environment

Groundbreaking news: people do not want to spend the majority of their lives at work. Not even if it is their dream career and they are paid bucket loads of cash.

The current workplace set up in the Western world thrives on employees being workaholics. We reward those that put in overtime, come into work on the weekends and are always available. This setup leaves us with only enough free time to catch up on some sleep, spend minimal time with our families and even less on our hobbies before we wake up and start it all over again.

Having Friday off has allowed me and my employees to pursue our passions. I dedicate my extra day off to movement. I dance for 3 hours (or more) and don’t compromise.




Because dance helps to boost my creativity, it lifts me out of my slumps and keeps my direction clear. I want the same benefits for my employees so when Monday comes around; they are recharged, inspired and ready to smash the work week!

So stop working yourself to a burnout point. If you are a freelancer like me, change up your working schedule and try the four-hour week. And if you are part of a company – start the discussion. Share this article with your boss, bring it up in conversation with other employees and start changing people’s perceptions that 40+ hours means business success.

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